August 10, 2020

Speaking of Life 2038 | Double Booked

The Bible is full of promises of God caring for his children. Do you ever wonder if God is capable of fulfilling all of his promises? We only have to look to Jesus to find the answer. Through his life, death, and resurrection, Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s promise of blessing to all of humanity!
August 3, 2020

Speaking of Life 2037 | Rembrandt’s Question

In the face of danger, our biological response might be to automatically fight, flee, or freeze. When facing life’s many storms, we also have the option of responding in faith, turning toward Jesus. In him, we know we have a savior who can calm the storms. He is our source of strength in times of trouble.
August 2, 2020

What Is Our Role In the Last Days?

Text: 2 Timothy 3:1-7
Pastor Lee Berger
Some prophecy prognosticators are sure that all the craziness going on today is a sure sign we are living in the "last days."  What/when are the last days?  What should Christians be doing in the last days?
July 27, 2020

Speaking of Life 2036 | Hand’s On Experience

The best way to learn is often hands-on, right? We learn best when we actively participate in the learning process. Jesus knew this about his disciples and invited them to participate in his miracles and ministry. God still works that way with us today. He is inviting you to participate in “hands-on” acts of blessing for others and transforming you too as part of the process.
July 26, 2020

Words Reveal Character

Text: Matthew 12:33-37
Pastor Gary Schwitz
Out of the heart, the mouth speaks. Our words bring either healing or hurt, life or death. Power of the tongue.
July 20, 2020

Speaking of Life 2035 | Slow-Release Truth

Humans are wired for and shaped by stories. Through narratives, we share in other’s experiences helping us envision a future, problem-solving, and develop empathy. Jesus knew the power of stories and wove them into his teaching as parables. However, the greatest love story is his very life, entering our world to rescue and redeem us all. Through Jesus’ heroic sacrifice you are a part of an epic story and essential part of his kingdom!
July 19, 2020

Here's Your Sign

Text: Matthew 16:1-4
Pastor Lee Berger
The Jewish religious leaders asked Jesus (over and over) for a "sign" to prove to them He was the Messiah. Jesus knew their doubting hearts and told them to look ahead for the sign of Jonah. What can we learn today from that sign?
July 13, 2020

Speaking of Life 2034 | When You Least Expect It

God is never late, or lacking in lavishing love on his children. Even when circumstances seem hopeless, he is able and faithful to provide a way. How has he shown up for when you least expect it?
July 12, 2020

Which Is the Proper View of Communion? and Doubt and Confidence

Text: 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 and
Pastors Lee Berger and Gary Schwitz - split sermons
First sermon: Various churches teach about and take of Communion in a variety of beliefs and styles. Is there one view that is "right" or "proper"? What does Jesus leave with us as the purpose of Communion? 2nd sermon: how does doubt fit into a believer's life?
July 6, 2020

Speaking of Life 2033 | Come Drink

Water is critical for our bodies. It flushes out impurities, boosts energy, and is essential to digestion. Just like our water refreshes our physical bodies, the scripture reveals that time in God’s presence is lifegiving, refreshing our souls.
July 5, 2020

Authentic Christian Life

Text: Galatians 2:11-13
Pastor Lee Berger
A popular buzzword in "contemporary" Christian churches today is "authentic"--to be real, honest, trustworthy. What is authenticity? Is it merely a marketing ploy to attract new members, or is there something deep and solid that all Christians should be living out?
June 29, 2020

Speaking of Life 2032 | Believer’s Paresthesia

Do you often struggle with the same temptations? It can easily become discouraging. The apostle Paul would encourage you not to turn on yourself but to turn to the Lord. In his loving presence, we are transformed more and more into the image of who He intended us to be.
June 28, 2020

Rest for Your Souls

Text: Matthew 11:25-30
Pastor Gary Schwitz
Do you feel that your life is sometimes lived at warp speed with stresses coming at you like proton beams? Would you like some rest from all the action, a peaceful breath of fresh air and rest? Here's where you can find it.
June 22, 2020

Speaking of Life 2031 | I’m Ready, My Lord

The phrase Hineni means, “here I am”. In the Bible, Hineni is most frequently used in response, when God personally calls on an individual to something difficult or important. How do we respond when God calls on us? May we respond with trust and reply, Hineni.
June 21, 2020

The Bible and Race

Text: Genesis 3:20
Pastor Lee Berger
150 years after the abolition of slavery in America, why are we still struggling so much with this issue? Could it be our view of race in relation to God?
June 15, 2020

Speaking of Life 2030 | God with Us in Suffering

Suffering is a part of being human. We find comfort knowing that from the trivial discomfort to the trials of this life, we never suffer alone. In Jesus, we have a savior, who enters into our pain and comforts us with his presence.
June 14, 2020

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Text: Matthew 5:1-12
Pastor Gary Schwitz
In these days of national turmoil, what should be the attitude of Christ followers?
June 8, 2020

Speaking of Life 2029 | The Roots of Promise

Biblical history is not an abstract group of timeless ideas, but a story carved out in a very human world. The story of Jesus entering our world to rescue and redeem humanity. How are we joining our story with the larger story? Are our lives a reflection of his love for all humanity and the entire world?
June 7, 2020

"History of the Early Church" and "Why Are We Here?" (split sermon)

Text: Acts 2:36-47
Pastor Gary Schwitz and Pastor Lee Berger
As we move past Pentecost as the birthday of the Church, let's look into the first 200 years of church history Then let's ask ourselves: Why do we attend church?
May 31, 2020

"Ascension Day" and "Pentecost: Babel Undone"

Text: Acts 1:1-11 and Acts 2:1-41 (parts)
Pastor Gary Schwitz and Pastor Lee Berger
Split sermon: First sermons deals with the Ascension of Jesus from Earth to Heaven, and some take-away lessons for our lives. Second sermon shows how Jesus "undid" the division resulting from the Bible story of the Tower of Babel, uniting the whole world in his completed work and message of the Gospel.
May 24, 2020

Wait and Receive Power

Text: John 14:15-27
Pastor Lee Berger
In Jesus' final commands to His followers before He ascended to Heaven, He told them to wait to receive power that had been promised by the Father. A few days previously, Jesus had given details about how the power (the Holy Spirit) would work in the New Testament age--our age. What does this mean to you and me?
May 17, 2020

Three Ingredients of Reconciliation

Text: John 21:1-14
Pastor Gary Schwitz
Before there can be reconciliation, there must be conciliation--a relationship of trust. The apostle Peter broke the relationship bond with Jesus (or so he thought), and Jesus rebuilt the connection. How did He do it?
May 10, 2020

Doubt and Belief

Text: John 20:19-31
Pastor Lee Berger
Is it OK as a Christian to have some doubts and questions about God and what He is doing? What useful value does doubt have in bringing us to belief?