October 19, 2020

Speaking Of Life 2048 | Ministry With Jesus

We’ve been doing ministry daily that we tend to do it FOR God instead of doing it WITH God. Jesus tells us that ministry should not be a task that disrupts our relationship with the Father but rather another way of participating in that relationship where we come to know the Father’s love for us and the whole world. Let us be reminded to constantly spend time with God as we participate in His ministry.
October 12, 2020

Speaking Of Life 2047 | Whose Likeness

We are created in the image and likeness of our God. May we bear the resemblance of our Creator in our daily encounters, trusting him to mold and transform us through the Holy Spirit. Whose image and likeness do you bear?
October 11, 2020

Jesus Wept

Text: John 11:17-37
Pastor Gary Schwitz
Jesus was Almighty God while at the same time He was totally human. He understands us, He has felt our feelings, He has wept and cried. Great qualifications to be our Savior.
October 5, 2020

Speaking Of Life 2046 | Dissolving Disagreements

Sometimes we easily just get angry. We can’t help but argue with people we disagree with. Paul reminds us of a similar situation that happened with two women in Philippians 4 that had some disagreements but later worked together in sharing the gospel. Let us continue to allow the Holy Spirit to work through us so people can see Christ’s love through us.
October 4, 2020

My Kind of Christian

Text: Philippians 1:15-18
Pastor Lee Berger
Lots of division these days in America, around the world, and even in the Church at large. What divides us and what can hold us together?
September 28, 2020

Speaking Of Life 2045 | The Cornerstone Question

A cornerstone is a foundational piece in building a house. It must be perfect so it can hold the entire structure. Do you have a cornerstone in your life? In our human perspective, some pieces may not seem to fit perfectly but the gospel tells us that it is through Jesus that we will be made whole. Will you look to Jesus as your cornerstone?
September 27, 2020

Unity With Christ In His Love

Text: Ephesians 1:3-8
Garth Daniels
In last week's sermon, we saw the key role of the Holy Spirit in creating unity in the body of Christ. In human nature, what key value must we submit to and practice in order to reflect the unity within the Church?
September 21, 2020

Speaking Of Life 2044 | Open Hands Close Eyes

Daily life is full of tricks and confusion. You don’t know who to trust or listen to. But what if God told you to “hold out your hands and close your eyes?” Would you trust him? In fact, this is what the Father asked his own Son to do. On the cross, Jesus held out his hands to share his father’s love with the whole world. Jesus knew the Father to be good, trustworthy, and full of grace. Even in stretching his hands out on the cross. Let us open our hands and close our eyes and ask Jesus to show us his Father.
September 20, 2020

Spirit of Unity

Text: 1 Corinthians 12
Pastor Gary Schwitz
There seems to be a lot of dis-unity in the Church today, divisions between beliefs, denominations, sects, individuals. Second to the primacy of focus on Jesus, what does the Bible show to be the unifying factor drawing all believers together?
September 14, 2020

Speaking Of Life 2043 | Belly of the Whale

Just like Jonah, have you ever been swallowed up? Alone in the dark, worried, confused, and afraid? Even in our darkest moments, God can reveal himself to us and fulfill the purpose he has for us through his Son.
September 13, 2020

The Big Story -- Old and New

Text: Jeremiah 31:31-34
Pastor Lee Berger
Today I spoke about one of my favorite topics--an understanding that has come to be a pivotal point in my appreciation of the Plan of God for all mankind. I talk about the One Big Story that is communicated by the books of the Bible--both Old and New Testaments.
September 7, 2020

Speaking Of Life 2042 | Ripples in the World

When you skip a stone across a body of water, the stone sends ripples through the surface of the water. Just like the stone, sometimes our actions can cause ripples in our community. Let us consider the impact of our actions that we may send out positive ripples and reflect the love of Jesus.
September 6, 2020

Essential Elements of the New Covenant

Text: Matthew 5
Pastor Gary Schwitz
Pastor Gary provides some central focus for the terms and workings of the New Covenant. Jesus highlighted the foundation of our beliefs and how we live out those beliefs.
August 31, 2020

Speaking Of Life 2041 | Putting On Christ

How can our friendship and imitation of Jesus change our daily lives? Do our friends and family see Christ through us? It is in the daily walk and relationship with Jesus in which we are formed and changed. Put on his actions. Put on his love. Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.
August 30, 2020

Compare the Old and New Covenants

Text: various
Pastors Gary Schwitz and Lee Berger
We continue with a short sermon series on the Old and New Covenants. Two pastors highlighted several contrasts between the covenants.
August 24, 2020

Speaking of Life 2040 | Stopping the Spin

Our perception can shape our reality. Because of this, we must fill ourselves with the truth. Cling to this ultimate truth, you are loved and accepted by the Creator of the Universe!
August 23, 2020

Three Commandments of the New Covenant

Text: Matthew 22:37-40' Matthew 7:12' John 13:34-35
Pastor Gary Schwitz
Since all the laws and regulations of the Old Covenant are not binding on Christians today, can believers just "do as they please"? Or does the New Covenant give solid standards of moral guidance---new commandments?
August 17, 2020

Speaking of Life 2039 | Sing the Story Again

From the everyday blessings, we take for granted to awe-inspiring miracles God is invested in every detail of our lives. Let’s sing the story of God’s goodness, again and again, until it becomes the theme and music of our entire lives!
August 16, 2020

My Life As a Pharisee

Text: Deuteronomy 6:4-9
Pastor Lee Berger
Old Covenant and New Covenant. What is valid for a Christian? Pastor Lee shares his 25-year experience combining the two covenants. Does it work? Is it biblical?
August 9, 2020

Lessons From the Torah

Text: Exodus 20:1-17
Pastor Gary Schwitz
Some Christians believe that the Old Testament of the Bible is outdated and useless. Some Christians consider the Old Testament teachings as fully binding on Jesus-believers today. How do the two testaments relate? [Start of a series]
August 2, 2020

What Is Our Role In the Last Days?

Text: 2 Timothy 3:1-7
Pastor Lee Berger
Some prophecy prognosticators are sure that all the craziness going on today is a sure sign we are living in the "last days."  What/when are the last days?  What should Christians be doing in the last days?
July 26, 2020

Words Reveal Character

Text: Matthew 12:33-37
Pastor Gary Schwitz
Out of the heart, the mouth speaks. Our words bring either healing or hurt, life or death. Power of the tongue.
July 19, 2020

Here's Your Sign

Text: Matthew 16:1-4
Pastor Lee Berger
The Jewish religious leaders asked Jesus (over and over) for a "sign" to prove to them He was the Messiah. Jesus knew their doubting hearts and told them to look ahead for the sign of Jonah. What can we learn today from that sign?